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Rescue 1 Studios is a digital media agency specializing in video production. It was started by Brent Harding while he was a volunteer firefighter here in Cache Valley. Now it has grown to a multi-person enterprise producing video content for businesses throughout Utah and even in other states.

Their website used to be on Squarespace. However, the features Squarespace offered were limited without extensive hand coding. In order to have a robust website, Rescue 1 decided to switch over to WordPress. Our task was to recreate the website in WordPress.

Since Rescue 1 Studios is a digital media company, the website is rich in video and photography. It shows off the studio’s portfolio and the type of work it can do.

Our story watch video Rescue 1

A feature for this website that we hadn’t done for other clients is a client login. Clients can enter a password into a certain page and their specific client page opens showing off the video and/or photography that has been created. 10-39 created an initial template of a client page. The template could then be cloned to create additional client pages (or client pages could be cloned to create other client pages).

Client Login Page

Not all websites have a blog, but this one does. Yes, it is possible to migrate blogs from one platform to another, but doing so from Squarespace onto WordPress took some work. The decision was made to manually add images to the wordpress blog for the most recent blog posts and leave the old image references in the rest of the posts (there were well over 200 posts).  This resulted in images not displaying on many blog posts.  This is something to keep in mind when deciding on a website platform–if there is a chance you will ever migrate, how easy will the migration be?

Blog - Rescue 1 Studios

A fun feature of the website when 10-39 built it had to do with the staff photos. When a user moved the mouse cursor over one of the images, the image grew slightly bigger.  After the site was turned over to the client, the staff area was changed.  Instead of using what 1039 had provided, Rescue 1 used the Team Member element, which is part of the theme we used for their website.  Our clients own their websites.  That means that they are free to make any changes they want to.  This ability to update their website is great for a dynamic company like Rescue 1.  Other companies may prefer to leave their website just as we designed it or to have us make the changes for them.

Team Members

Near the photos is another great feature. You can click on the “Apply Here” button and a modal form (or lightbox form) opens up. You can still see some of the homepage around the form, but it’s covered in a dark, semi-opaque overlay, which helps the user to focus on the form. (The location of the Apply button was moved by the client.  Remember, you can update and maintain your site if you wish.)

Employment Modal Lightbox Form - Rescue 1


Perhaps you are like Rescue 1 Studios was:  you already have a website, but you aren’t satisfied with the platform it’s on. Or perhaps your site needs a more modern look, or needs to work better when viewed on smart phones.  Either way, we can help.  Give us a call: 435-232-4773.

If you have a need for great videos for your business, contact Rescue 1 (435-753-4416). If you want a high quality website that looks great on smart phones, contact 10-39 Online (435-232-4773).

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