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Regular health insurance pays your doctor, the pharmacist, or maybe the hospital, but leaves you paying the deductible and co-pays.  That’s where the Bullock Agency comes in.  They specialize in supplemental insurance.  With supplemental insurance, you (the policyholder) are paid and can do what you want with the money.

Although the Bullock Agency already had a website, they hired 10-39 Online to redo it.  We provided a 12 page responsive website that works on mobile, tablet and desktop screens.  The testimonial page has both written testimonials as well as video.  The contact page includes a map, an email (or contact) form, address and phone number.  Team members are highlighted on the about us page with photos and bios.  There is a “services” page that mentions six major categories of services, as well as a page devoted to each of those categories.  A section of the services page has a “fixed” background image that provides a similar effect as a parallex image: the image appears to stay in place while the rest of the page scrolls up or down on top of it.  

Bullock Agency - Services

A neat feature of the home page is a large, animated logo that briefly moves across the top of the screen.  Other images and messages then appear after it.  The page includes Calls To Action, a white board and a traditional video, a list of services, a list of benefits, testimonial videos, and the logos of their providers (which are semi-randomly displayed).

Bullock Agency Videos - Why Supplemental Insurance and Agency Overview

Bullock Agency - Services Offered

If you want supplemental insurance and first class customer service, contact the Bullock Agency (435-753-4416). If you want a high quality website that looks great on smart phones, contact 10-39 Online (435-232-4773).

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