Why Social Media Marketing

Want to be found by more customers, better engage them online, and increase your sales?  Then hire 1039 to manage you social media marketing.

Of course, you could do it yourself.  You could set up your accounts (after choosing the right social sites), make the accounts look nice, develop content to share on the accounts, find and share other people’s content on your own site (yes, you can do that), and respond to people who interact with your social accounts.  You could do that . . . or you could focus on what you do best and let 1039 build and manage your social media.  Hiring 1039 is truly a win-win-win:  you win, we win, and the people who become your customers win.

If you’re not yet sold on social media, think on this: social media is one of today’s most explosive ways of sharing information.  People share stories and reviews.  They like Facebook posts and retweet their favorite tweets.  Photos are shared constantly.

And you may not have thought of this, but social media platforms are actually search engines that enable people to find your company.   Not only that, but when someone searches for you using a traditional search engine such as Google, it may be your Facebook page or Yelp account that shows up near the top of the search engine results.  That’s right.  A Facebook page may be the difference between being found and not being found by a potential customer.

If you want to maximize your online presence and grow your traffic, hire 10­39 Online today.  We can help you achieve a successful social media campaign that can boost your business and reputation.

There are many social media options and knowing which ones to use for your business can be challenging. For example, if your primary customers are women, perhaps you should use Pinterest, or if most of the customers are females under 25, then SnapChat might be the best choice.  Of course, there are also LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and the giants, Facebook and Twitter.  1039 can help you build your social media presence, interact with customers via social media, and build customer loyalty.

Social media can be a valuable tool in your marketing tool box. 10­39 Online takes pride in helping you succeed and your business prosper. And by using social media as a tool, your company is more likely to be found online.

Right now is the time to empower your branding strategy with 10­39 Online’s social marketing solutions.

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