If you need to build up your website traffic more rapidly than by just using organic search, you may want to try PPC (pay per click), PPM (pay per impression) or other advertising.

“Pay Per Click”, or PPC, is a marketing model where ads are delivered to an audience, but you are only charged when someone actually “clicks” on your ad.   This is in contrast to Pay Per Impression (PPM) where you pay for the number of times the ad is shown to someone.

A good example of PPC is Google AdWords.  These are the ads shown at the top and/or right side of Google search results.  You can create Google AdWords for free, choosing to have them appear when people search for specific key words.  Since AdWords are PPC, you don’t pay for the ads each time they are displayed.  Instead, you are charged each time a user clicks on an ad.  That’s good news for you.

When you set up your ad campaign, you’ll set a daily budget–essentially the maximum amount you want to spend each day.  Once you reached this amount, Google will stop showing your ads until the following day.

PPC can also be done with the Bing and Yahoo platforms: Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini.  Additionally, Yahoo Gemini overs a pay per impression option.

Search ads aren’t the only way to advertise, however.  For example, Yahoo offers “native” ads that show up on content pages.

Facebook and Twitter are other potential platforms where you can advertise.  Facebook allows you to choose specific demographics of people to market to, allowing you to really target your ad to people who are more likely to act on it.

Of course, you can create and manage your PPC and other ad campaigns yourself.  Or, you can let 10-39 Online handle it for you.

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