One Week Website

One Week Website

We have put the idea through the paces and now it is time to release it to the public. One Week Website is the culmination of years of experience building websites and dreaming of having a quality, custom website built just for you business needs and being able to do it fast. Not in several months, a single month or even a couple of weeks but in ONE WEEK!

We commit to you that we can have a sweet, custom website ready to go live in a week. There are some commitments that you also have to make and some time that you MUST put in. However the focus of one week and really about 8 hours of your time makes the website process 10 times easier.

Amber’s web design was started on Monday and finished on Friday the same week. Here is what Amber from Two Color Photography said about the experience:

John did an AMAZING job! I know you were busting your butt the whole week, and I appreciate that SOOO much! I even just made my first blog post!!!

AND it automatically posted to my biz page on fb, my twitter, my google plus…. awesome!!!

Here is what you get in a One Week Website:

  • Carefully laid out website created after learning about your business, your ideal customers and what you want to accomplish in the future.
  • Modern, classy and custom look with a responsive design. This means your website will adjust to any screen size and pass Google’s new “mobile friendly” test.
  • A photo shoot with a professional photographer. Head shots, shots of you working, facilities shots, both inside and out.
  • Optional Drone Flyover (Additional charge) with video background added to website.
  • Pages built for specific keywords to help you rank
  • Website linked to your social media account (even blog posts automatically post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.)
  • Connect your website to Google analytics, webmaster tools and submit it to be crawled after completion.
  • Submit your sitemaps to Google for better SEO
  • We will sit side by side with you after the initial design and make sure the website is perfect.

The One Week Website is not for everyone. You must be committed to the times we lay out and this must be the priority for the week. This is not a shortcut it is just good, old fashioned focus. Unless you are a professional photographer the photo shoot is required. Everyone wants a beautiful website and it’s the visual experience (mostly pictures) that does this.

We don’t want to give away all the secrets of how we do this online. So, please call us and let’s discuss your business and see if One Week Website is the right kind of web design process for you. We offer other packages and time frames as well.

Call today and let’s get started. 435-232-4773