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Mobile marketing is essential to the online growth of your business. This is because Internet access via mobile devices is now greater than by desktops.1,2

This doesn’t mean that mobile always beats desktop in all activity3, but it does mean that you ought to seriously consider creating a mobile strategy for your business.  1039 Online can help you do that.  What’s more, we can help implement it for you.

Mobile marketing is simply the process of marketing through a smart phone or other mobile device.  It can differ from traditional Internet marketing and includes increased methods of marketing. Mobile marketing techniques include the following:

Mobile websites — You have three options here.  (1) Have two websites: a mobile one and a desktop one.  You may have noticed that some website URLs have a “m.” instead of “www.”  That means that you are accessing the mobile version of the website instead of the regular website.  You can set things up so that if someone enters your regular (www) URL into their phone, the mobile website displays for them (or they are given a choice which website to use).  (2)  Use an adaptive website that is designed to adapt to a few specific screen sizes. (3)  Use an responsive website that is designed adjust to any screen size.

QR Codes — these are those square codes that people scan with their phones to open a webpage.  This is an alternative to a consumer typing in the characters of a URL.  Another advantage of the QR codes is that you can use Google Analytics (or other means) to track their usage.

Mobile Apps — businesses can provide users free apps that can interact with users, provide information, and show ads.

Push Messages — you can send messages to users of your app.

Text Messages — text (SMS) messages can be used to send simple ads, reminder clients of appointments, wish a customer happy birthday, and more.

Multimedia Messaging — like text messaging, except that the message can include video, audio, and images.

Mobile Advertising — advertisements on mobile webpages

Location Based — different ads are pushed to potential customers based on their location.  For example, a person can walk down an aisle at the grocery store, and as she passes the cereal boxes, a coupon she receives a coupon for Wheaties.

(Source: Mobile Marketing:

All businesses with a website really should have some form of a mobile website solution.  Additionally, if you market online at all, you should consider mobile-specific marketing.

Mobile marketing can be a very powerful marketing tool for both virtual and brick­-and-­mortar businesses alike. If you are asking yourself if you really need mobile marketing, give us a call.  1039 can help you determine if a mobile website and mobile marketing would benefit you.  As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of mobile marketing strategies out there; which ones to use depends on what is best for your business, target audience, and budget. We’ll help you determine the right mobile solution to reach your audience and orchestrate a winning mobile marketing campaign.

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