Local Search Engine Optimization( Local SEO)

Every minute of every day people are searching the Internet to find products or services in and around their own area. When you have a local business and hire 10­-39 Online to do local SEO, you are choosing to improve your future customers’ ability to easily find you on the Internet.  It’s about on-page optimization.  It’s about verifying your local business with Google.  It’s about local customer reviews.  It’s about being on the right directories like Yelp or Urbanspoon.  10-39 will work with you to help you reach the top of local search engine listings, making it easier for people to find your company.

If you serve local customers or clients, then local Search (local SEO) can be a key tool to growing your business.  It should not be ignored.  Since it can be an important part of your overall marketing campaign, 10-39 is excited to help you improve your local search and to get your business soaring.

We will work to ensure you get noticed on local search because local search is so important to your business. Customers want to find the best businesses that are close by.  By using 10-39 Online’s local seo service, you will get on the map to discovery.

10­-39 Online knows and understands the steps to target your particular business in your local market by using the right techniques to post content including using local terms, your own town or city in descriptions and titles, addresses, phone numbers, and your business name. All of these are important components to help search engines display the information that will get you found.

Potential customers often seek out local businesses first. By hiring 10­-39 Online, we’ll help increase local traffic to your website and establish your business as an authority in your area.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Having geographically relevant content will help power up your website while optimizing your online presence. We help you reach the customers that are closest to you so you don’t miss out on all the opportunities that are waiting just outside your door.

Optimize the power of local search with 10­39 Online to help customers find you easily, to stake your claim locally, and watch your listing rise to the top.

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