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Jason Henderson and Craig Floyd aren’t your normal financial consultants. Yes, they’ll help you grow your wealth. Yes, they’ll talk to you about investing your money and about life insurance. Where they differ is in what they teach: they want you to gain control of your money and create your own personal, family or business bank. They teach the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), also known as Family Banking or the 770 account.

Where does 10-39 Online fit into their business? Both Jason and Craig were using cookie-cutter websites that looked like the same website other agents from Alliance Group were using. The only difference between websites was the contact information and the “About Me” page. Craig and Jason wanted to have more control over the content of their website. So they hired us.

Before creating the website, we looked over the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, by R. Nelson Nash–a book that teaches IBC–and sat down with Henderson and Floyd to learn what they wanted. It would be a fairly small website (5 pages), but it would have video and integrate with Mailchimp so they could collect email addresses and run an automated drip marketing campaign. Both financial coaches had their own blog separate from their existing website. That meant importing existing blog posts into the new site.

In addition to hiring us for web development, Jason and Craig also hired Rescue 1 Studios for video production (we share office space with Rescue 1 and often work with the same clients). Rescue 1 did the background video you’ll see at the top of the new website’s homepage, as well as the overview video that introduces Jason and Craig and what they do. Additionally, Rescue 1 created the testimonial and whiteboard videos you’ll see on the site in addition to minor work on some other videos.

H&F Testimonial Videos

A great thing about the new website is that the videos open in a lightbox (or modal). This keeps the viewers on the site (they aren’t taken to YouTube or Vimeo). It also helps block out distractions by placing a semi-transparent layer over everything on the web page except the video. The exception to this is the video at the very top of the page which autoplays silently on desktop monitors. Mobile devices don’t always allow autoplay, so when people view the site on their phone, the website hides the video and displays an image with dynamic text instead.

H&F Video Background_1000px

Users can watch a series of short educational videos from the homepage of the site. They can also sign up to receive a free report on creating financial certainty in uncertain times as well as to receive access to longer educational videos that arrive via a drip email campaign using the MailChimp automation system.

A couple of other features of the site include a section that displays the logos of some of H & F’s clients and an informational footer that appears at the bottom of every page.


If you’re interested in gaining control of your wealth and creating a private bank, give Jason Henderson or Craig Floyd a call today! (435) 764-1451 or (435) 757-1257.  Visit their website at

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