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Rescue 1 Studios – Video Photography – Cache Valley Utah

Rescue 1 Studios Digital Media Rescue 1 Studios is a digital media agency specializing in video production. It was started by Brent Harding while he was a volunteer firefighter here in Cache Valley. Now it has grown to a multi-person enterprise producing video content for businesses throughout Utah and even in other states. Their website used to be on Squarespace. However, the features Squarespace offered were limited without extensive hand coding. In order to have a robust website, Rescue 1 decided to switch over to Wordpress. Our task was to recreate the website in Wordpress. Since Rescue 1 Studios is a digital media company, the website is rich in video and photography. It shows off the studio’s portfolio and the type of work it can do. A feature for this website that we hadn’t done for other clients is a client login. Clients can enter a password into a certain page and their specific client page opens showing off the video and/or photography that has been created. 10-39 created an initial template of a client page. The template could then be cloned to create additional client pages (or client pages could be cloned to create other client pages). Not all websites have a blog, but this one does. Yes, it is possible to migrate blogs from one platform to another, but doing so from Squarespace onto Wordpress took some work. The decision was made to manually add images to the wordpress blog for the most recent blog posts and leave the old image references in the rest of the posts (there were well over 200 posts).  This resulted in images not displaying on many blog posts.  This is something to keep in mind when deciding on a [...]

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Supplemental Insurance – Bullock Agency – Cache Valley Utah

Supplemental Insurance Agency - Cache Valley Utah Regular health insurance pays your doctor, the pharmacist, or maybe the hospital, but leaves you paying the deductible and co-pays.  That’s where the Bullock Agency comes in.  They specialize in supplemental insurance.  With supplemental insurance, you (the policyholder) are paid and can do what you want with the money. Although the Bullock Agency already had a website, they hired 10-39 Online to redo it.  We provided a 12 page responsive website that works on mobile, tablet and desktop screens.  The testimonial page has both written testimonials as well as video.  The contact page includes a map, an email (or contact) form, address and phone number.  Team members are highlighted on the about us page with photos and bios.  There is a “services” page that mentions six major categories of services, as well as a page devoted to each of those categories.  A section of the services page has a “fixed” background image that provides a similar effect as a parallex image: the image appears to stay in place while the rest of the page scrolls up or down on top of it.   A neat feature of the home page is a large, animated logo that briefly moves across the top of the screen.  Other images and messages then appear after it.  The page includes Calls To Action, a white board and a traditional video, a list of services, a list of benefits, testimonial videos, and the logos of their providers (which are semi-randomly displayed). If you want supplemental insurance and first class customer service, contact the Bullock Agency (435-753-4416). If you want a high quality website that looks great on smart phones, contact 10-39 Online (435-232-4773). Having [...]

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Blog Website Restore Resulting In Weird Characters

Restoring a Wordpress site recently resulted in strange symbols appearing on the website. The symbols were white question marks in the middle of black diamonds. The website backup had been made using the Akeeba plugin, and I was using Kickstart to restore it. Well, now I’m a bit older and wiser and know how to prevent those symbols from appearing. Read on to see how to do it yourself. If you use the Akeeba backup Wordpress plugin to backup your website and Akeeba Kickstart to restore it, during the restore process you’ll see a screen titled “Restoration of site’s main database”. The right side of the screen includes the label “Advanced Options”. Under that label is a list of commands. Look down at the last item in the list. If “Allow UTF8MB4 auto-detection” is checked, uncheck it. (Actually, it might be okay to leave this checked, but just to be safe, you might uncheck it.) Another screen includes the label “Site Parameters”. Under that heading is a group of fields with one labeled “Database charset”. If that field has “utf8mb4” in it, erase the “mb4” so that the field only contains “utf8”. You’ve now prevented those strange symbols from appearing on your Wordpress website. Continue restoring your Wordpress website as normal. Hopefully this short blog posts helps you if you manage your own website. If you’d like additional help with your website, web hosting, or with your online marketing, please give 1039 Online a call: 435-232-4773

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Nibley Website Wins “Best Website” in Online Survey

City Manager David Zook was the feature guest on KVNU's  - For The People radio show to talk about the Nibley City website and online social media presence. The site was built by 10-39 Online several years ago and is maintained by a combination or 10-39 Online staff and city staff who take care of different functions on the site. Zook talked about how the website has saved the city money by freeing up staff for other functions. The website has many functions such as  online bill pay, park and venue scheduling, and contact info on each page. They maintain all of their city council and planning and zoning committee meeting minutes and agendas on the website. Transparency is huge for government agencies and they are always being chastised in the media for not being transparent enough. Nibley is being praised for it's transparency and is being used as an example of what a city should be doing. Here are 10-39 Online we first heard about the survey when David Zook sent out an email to his staff and included us in the email. Here is part of the email. I share it with permission from David Zook. The radio station did a survey asking listeners which city had the best website and online presence. Nibley City was the winner by far, even over bigger cities like Logan. They received many positive comments about how we communicate online, not only from our residents, but also from residents of other cities who complimented our website and Facebook page and said they wished their city did what we did. So the radio station asked me to come on their For the People show and talk about what [...]

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JB Accounting Website

In designing people's websites one of my favorite parts is getting to know amazing people. People who are making things happen in all kinds of businesses. They do what it takes to provide a quality product and keep their customers happy. I just recently finished up a website ( for Jake Bassett who is local accountant here in Logan. Jake is different than any other accountant I have been around. He is young and modern. He has a Playstation at his office (I don't know if I am supposed to disclose that). He loves technology and wants to use it to make the lives of his clients easier. Of course, technology also makes his life easier. It was a fun challenge to incorporate Jake's personality and needs into a website that was as fun as he is, was modern, was SEO friendly and showed off the quality of business he runs. So, we built a one page scrolling site with many beautiful parallax photos. We also hooked him up with a system that could securely transfer documents back and forth between him and his clients. JB Accounting is a full service accounting firm with offices in Logan and Provo. One unique facet to JB Accounting is the fact that they service many "summer sales" clients. It is a unique niche that Jake can help you with but only one small part of what he can do. Give Jake a try. He is easy to be around and very current on tax requirements. JB Accounting 435-227-5898 580 North Main Street, Suite 140, Logan UT 84321

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EMV The Next Step in Credit Card Technology. What do you know about it?

EMV is here. Is your business ready? I always do a little reading in the morning and try to keep up on technology. Some subjects like 3D printing I find interesting on a personal level. Other subjects catch my eye because they affect my business. One such subject that caught my eye this morning is the newest technology that is being used in credit cards. It was originally technology that was developed by three of the largest credit card companies and is already in use in other parts of the world. It is called EMV (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®). This is important to understand now even though changes aren't being made immediately they will be in the near future and they directly affect your liability and the way your customers pay. I in no way endorse Chase but they have a great FAQ page that explains how EMV works and how it affects you. Also I use Square to take payments and they have some good info on the time frame of EMV and the liability aspect. Both links are included below.  Hopefully you find them as useful as I did.

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Using Facebook for Marketing

Marketing is the one thing that will directly affect the amount of recognition that a company gets and perhaps determines how lucrative it becomes.  Having great marketing tactics can possibly be one of the most important parts of running a business. For a business to succeed, it is imperative that customers come to recognize who you are and what you’re about.  Using Facebook as a marketing tool can simply be one of these cost-effective applications that build brand awareness and make connections with customers. Facebook is a proven method of advertising.  And people like Facebook because it is engaging as they can share globally about the things that matter most to them.  This is a platform that provides information and updates especially when it comes to marketing a business.  Facebook has proven time and time again how useful it is for its billions of users.  Look at these facts: Posts are looked at most on work days, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Adding photos to your posts get more responses. Ask your reader’s questions.  They like to be included. Share posts that are short and to the point. Promote specials and events using hashtags.   When you get yourself out there and have brand recognition, people come to expect your posts on a regular basis.  Some may even be surprised when they realize how much people rely on Facebook to hear about news, current events, or just finding something of interest to repost. Facebook and marketing go hand in hand.  It gives people a reason to become fans, a way to celebrate with you, and become part of your Facebook family.  It’s all about engagement and finding ways to keep your fans turned-on and [...]

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Video Marketing for Business

Video marketing is a great opportunity to market your business that uses the web as a platform for promoting your brand through an integration of components that demands your audience’s attention. From all of the statistics that can be found about video marketing, it proves to be more entertaining to your target audience which means it creates a steady flow of traffic and more clients watching your videos while increasing your popularity online. Why is video marketing such a valuable tool for businesses? It improves user engagement. Encourages brand awareness. Promotes a perception or an emotional response. Video is a method of engaging audiences with story-telling elements that are full of information which generates an emotional connection with an audience.  Using video gives you an opportunity to display who you are online, and assist you with your branding. Other benefits of video marketing fall into the category of driving greater conversions, and gaining a presence with online search engines. According to comScore, the online video audience reaches 84.5% of the U.S. Internet audience and engagement levels are on a constant increase as its online presence becomes more and more prominent. With this information at the forefront, it proves how important videos are and that they should be informative and entertaining at the same time.  It is like having an online salesman working for you 24/7. With so many benefits of using video marketing, here are a few other ways that you can also use it within the boundaries of your own walls to improve your own business: Using video to be more visible in search engines. Train new staff with a step-by-step video. Make ‘explainer videos’ for your website. Use video to present quick tutorials [...]

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