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WordPress Form Not Sending Email to Two Step Authentication Business Gmail Account

Wordpress Form Not Sending Email to Two Step Authentication Business Gmail Account Gmail For Business Gmail has a service whereby you can use the gmail platform, but instead of the gmail domain, you use your business domain. So for examle, our business could have an email address such as CustomerSupport@1039online.com. The address would utilize our website's domain, but would function through the gmail platform. Contact Form A previous client who whose business email was gmail-based had a contact form on their website. In order to get the form to successfully send an email to the client, we utilized a SMTP plugin. In this case, it was called "WP-Mail-SMTP". Besides adding the company name, and a company email address and password to the plugin settings, the settings were as shown in the screenshot below.   Gmail Hosted Email With Two-step Authentication That brings us to another client that brought a new challenge. This client also used gmail for her business, however we had to do things differently because the gmail account required a two-step authentication. (I didn't know this at first, which caused some difficulty in getting things to work.) This time, the plugin that was ultimately used is called "Postman SMTP". The main account information was entered as shown in the screenshot below. BUT . . . there was a twist. I needed to account for the two-step authentication. Here's what to do. When you try to log into your client's gmail account on your computer, Google will send a text message to the phone number on record with a code. The client can then forward you the code. Enter the code and you will be logged into the client's google account. Once logged in, you [...]

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Core WordPress Plugins for Your Website – 2016

Core WordPress Plugins for Your Website - 2016 Plugins We have a core set of free plugins we include with our websites. While there are certainly others you might use, knowing these might come in handy for your own site: Security: Wordfence This is just plain a great plugin to help secure your website. One of its neat features is that it will scan your Wordfence software, as well as themes and plugins that are part of the WordPress repository against the official code in the repository and notify you if there are differences Backup and Restore: Akeeba Backup for WordPress and Akeeba Kickstart (These are also useful for migrating sites.) Akeeka Backup does just what its name states: it backs up your website and stores the backup on your server. The program is encapsulating all the files of your website, including images, plugins and the data in your databases into one file. It is advisable after creating a backup to remove it from the server and store it somewhere else. Then if something happens to your site, the backup is still safe. When you are ready to restore the site, delete all files from the site's root directory. Then upload the backup to the root. You'll also need to upload the kickstart.php file. Then type into your browswer your site's URL followed by "/kickstart.php", as in this example: www.YourURL.com/kickstart.php. The the online prompts. You'll need to know your site's database name, host, username and password so that the database can be restored. Before doing the restore, you may want to delete all the tables in the database so that everything is clean in the restoration. Note, if you are using these plugins to [...]

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WordPress Website Doesn’t Open – Downloads File Instead

WordPress Website Doesn't Open - Downloads File Instead We needed to transfer a website from the hosting we use to a client's host. One of the problems I ran into was that when I'd try to open the website in the browser, the browser would download a document. From what I found on a Wordpress forum and what the tech support guy from our client's hosting company said, it sounds like the problem was some code in the .htaccess file. For you benefit, if you run into this problem yourself, here's the link to the forum discussion: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/downloads-index-php-instead-of-opening-cant-login-or-access-website. If this tip helps you out, please let us know! Having a professional and responsive website to show off your company can help grow your business. Call 1039 Online now: 435-232-4773. We’re here to help you grow!

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Product Website — Pack-Rifle (Mountain View Arms LLC)

Product Website &em; Pack-Rifle (Mountain View Arms LLC) One of our clients is a machine shop that also manufactures a handy .22LR rifle known as the "Pack-Rifle". They had a GoDaddy-powered ecommerce site that we rebuilt using WordPress and WooCommerce. The website pages have a transparent header that allows the menu and logo to be seen over the background. On most pages, that background is an image. On the homepage, however, that background is video that begins with an animated logo followed by cool shots of the product. Mobile devices don't always play video automatically, so instead of the video, the top of the page has an image of the rifle strapped into a backpack. On mobile, the logo is not transparent, and the menu is a mobile menu. The site is responsive which means there isn't one site for desktops and one for mobile and tablet. Instead, the website adjusts to the size of the browser or screen. As mentioned, the store is now based on the WooCommerce plugin and utilizes Authorize.Net as the payment gateway. The client was already using Authorize.Net, so we used that. One of the great features of the store is the ability for customers to leave reviews. On the Distributors page a user can enter his address and find a distributor closest to him. We also included a photo gallery that includes both professional photos and customer-submitted photos. As a note, models were hired and a professional photo shoot took place. One of the keys to a great website is great images, so it can be worth it to have a professional photos. (Customer-submitted photos)   There is also a Videos page. Besides contact information, the Contact [...]

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Slider Revolution Pointing to Wrong Server

Font Icons Not Displaying on WordPress Site At some point after moving a website from one host to another, the Slider Revolution plugin was referencing the old IP address. In an attempt to solve this, I used the fantastic plugin "Search Replace DB" provided by Interconnect IT Ltd. It provides the ability to search and replace serialized content in the wordpress database. That means it's better to use than a plugin that doesn't take into account serialization. In the first search and replace, I searched for a string like this one "" and replaced it with the current URL (e.g., "mycurrenturl.com"). Hundreds of cells were changed. However, the problem wasn't fixed. So I put just the IP address in the "replace" field this time, leaving off the rest of the string, and did a "dry run". A dry run shows me all the changes the plugin would make in a live run, but doesn't actually change anything in the database. By doing this, I discovered that the old IP address was still located in a couple tables for the Slider Revolution plugin.   From the Search and Replace admin screen, I clicked on the "view changes" links which showed me the changes that the plugin would have made if it had performed a live run. By doing this, I saw that a "\" character was placed in front of each "/" character within URLs. So, ultimately, the solution was to add the back slash to the string I wanted to replace, like this: "\/~abcdefg". I believe I ran a dry run with the updated string and the plugin found the string in the Slider Revolution tables, so I performed a live run. Violá! The sliders [...]

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Font Icons Not Displaying on WordPress Site

Font Icons Not Displaying on WordPress Site Font icons were not displaying properly on a WordPress website that uses the AVADA theme. A solution was found here: https://theme-fusion.com/knowledgebase/are-your-font-awesome-icons-or-custom-fonts-not-showing-up/. Basically, the answer is to add a few lines of code to your .htaccess file. At first this didn't appear to be a full solution because although the social icons displayed properly, the general font icons still did not display. However, after clearing the recent cache, all the font icons showed up! Yeah! Hopefully this solution can help you too. Having a professional and responsive website to show off your company can help grow your business. Call 1039 Online now: 435-232-4773. We’re here to help you grow!

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Changing Private Google Plus Posts From Private to Public by Default

Changing Google Plus Posts to Public by Default The other day I realized that blog posts on a client's website were not appearing on his Google Plus page.  I'd run into this before and suspected that the posts had been posted "privately" instead of "publicly."  Thankfully, I when I checked the Google Plus settings, I found that was exactly the case and was able to remedy the situation.  (For context, using the JetPack plugin, WordPress sites can be configured to automatically post to some social media sites when blog posts go live.) If you run into a similar situation, here's how to resolve it. Login to your google Plus account and go to your Google Plus page. Click the three stacked horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the page. Click on "Settings" in the vertical menu (you may have to scroll down to find it. Check the top of the page for where it says "Apps" and "Google".  Chances are that "Google" will be underlined.  If so, click on "Apps." Once you are on the "Apps" tab, you'll hopefully see the WordPress logo.  Look to the right of the logo.  If it doesn't say "Public", then click "edit". Look at where it says, "Who can see that you've signed in to WordPress and your related app activities on Google services."  Under those words will be a small dropdown field.  If it says "Only you," that means that posts from your Wordpress website will only be visible by you.  If you'd like the posts to be public, click the field and change the setting to "Public." Now press "Save."  That should do it.  Go ahead and test it out by publishing a post on [...]

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Free Live Class – Basics of Online Marketing for Business

Want To Get Started With Online Marketing? Attend this free class to help grow your business by improving your online presence. Register Below! Getting Started With Online Marketing Free Class. Light Lunch Included. Gain an overview of online marketing to grow your business. In addition to talking about good website design, search engine optimization, and social media, we’ll choose a courageous participant’s website to review as a class, pointing out what’s good and what could be better. You’ll walk away with specific action items to improve your chances of being found online. RSVP below: Date: Thursday, March 3 Time: 12:00 pm (noon) - 1:00 pm Location: 98 W Center, Logan Phone: 435-232-4773 RSVP HERE [ninja_forms id=5] Call with questions: 435-232-4773   Help your business grow by attending this free class on online marketing. Call 1039 Online now: 435-232-4773. You'll be glad you called!

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City Website – River Heights

City Website - River Heights City websites probably don't have to be search engine optimized, but they do need to provide helpful information that is easy to find and looks good on a phone or tablet.   Besides being a useful tool for the city’s citizens, businesses, and those interested in the city, a well-designed website has the potential to reduce the workload for city employees.  This is because people will find what they are needing online and will thus call or visit the office less.  A good city website can be a win-win for cities and their residents. The website 1039 Online built for River Heights city allows residents to access forms, pay their utility bill or business license fee online (the site links to a third-party site where the transaction actually takes place), find contact information for city officials and staff, and see a calendar of events.  A fun feature is the random “River Heights Fact” that appears on the side of many pages.  In addition to a calendar of events, city council and planning commission agendas can be posted on the website. One of the secrets to a great-looking website is high-quality photos.  You can see from the images at the top of the homepage that that is exactly what the River Heights City website has. If you want a fantastic website for your city government, give us a call today: 435-232-4773. Having a professional and responsive website for your city can benefit your residents and staff. Call 1039 Online now: 435-232-4773. You'll be glad you called!

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